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OOH Posters / Social Media Campaign / Website / Logo System / Merchandise


To educate the public about a social issue that has a large amount of information. Thus leading influential action points to make change. I created a series of "scare-tactic" posters of prominent cities completely dilapidated of all life. Soon the viewer will learn this is a cautionary tale via post cards found at the bottom right hand corner with a story to follow and a QR code that will guide them to the answer.

The lack of fresh water in America is not talked about enough, causing it to be a major social issue that needs more awareness. Targeting the top 5 cities that would run out of water first in from "The Weather Channel 8": L.A, Miami, ATL, El Paso and Phoenix. This campaign was created in gorilla style posters that lead to a website via QR code with merchandise to fund initiatives to stop water scarcity and valuable information on the subject.


After a few years have passed since this initial project was created, I have updated my portfolio and decided to make a few changes to the logo which will not be reflected in the process book/logo system. Creating this campaign was meant to cause a stir, forcing people to seek answers, and potentially action on the larger issue of not knowing what our water supply is looking like in the U.S. The logo is meant to feel gritty yet bold, while also being easy to implement on merch, digital platforms and stay memorable. 


Water scarcity is the lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand. Due to the state of the environment the U.S is due for water shortages sooner than we may expect. The top five cities in the U.S. that will be the first to run out of water due to population influx is, Atlanta (GA), Phoenix (AZ), Miami (FL), Los Angeles (CA) & El Paso (TX).


Educating young adults (Millennials and Gen Z) along side the working class on the crisis of water scarcity is a must. While the visuals will catch the attention of a wide range of people, the target demographic that will seek the QR code are the ones who can make the biggest change. Creating a deeper understanding on why it is important to know what resources we have and how we can actively change the outcome we are doomed to have. 


Young adults who use social media and understand the ease of QR codes. Research has shown that 21-28 year olds follow thru more when a brand has a strong purpose that allows them to feel connected to it. As well as the dexterity between sharing information and purchasing with purpose. Allowing WXTR to expand beyond it's initial OOH campaign and bring people together in hopes of finding all of the posters and collecting every postcard.

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