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2 Original Tees 1 Fleece Top


Our main goal was to make a difference that actually mattered vs creating a small collection of black icons without context. This year is about history, truth and nourishing our community because the Black Experience doesn't stop in February, we are still here past the 28 days.


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Sold exclusively at Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Vol. 28 has been in the works for a year and it's finally here! This Black History Month we're changing the narrative. We know 28 is the shortest month of the year and it's not enough time to celebrate #blackexcellence. This is a new year round empowerment of #blackhistory. Abercrombie will be releasing these styles through out the year and I cannot wait to see my family and allies wear clothing they can be inspired by and feel proud of. We have officially made Black History this month and for years to come.


The kids collection is all designed by myself (fun fact in 48hrs) is inspired by a mural in Columbus, OH. "They tried to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds" all about growth, allowing yourself to flourish beyond the struggle and nourish each other to put community first as the black experience. I'm in love with Vol. 28 my heart and soul went into it and I actually came up with the name. 🤠 Thank you Abercrombie & Fitch Co. for this amazing experience yet again! working with Sierra Robinson, TyAnn Amos, Johanna Joseph & Janae Harmon was wonderful.

Celebrate and be an ally, because the black experience doesn't stop in February. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽


February is the shortest month of the year and as an homage to music which is a prominent part of black culture, I named this initiative: Vol. 28. Not only referring to music volumes but also literature. Books are distributed in volumes are classic, rich in education and nods to the reference that there is inevitably more to come. I was extremely passionate about including the number 28 because all of our history has been condensed down into those days, February is still a pivotal time for us, but our blackness doesn’t stop March 1st. 


This is for everyone, BIPOC, and allies alike, not only is this for black people but it’s for all people who want to be proud of what they’re wearing and have a real meaning behind it.


"At Abercrombie, we empower authenticity and generate opportunities to celebrate Black creators within our BIPOC community. Vol. 28 is our commitment to continuously honor Black culture through ongoing, authentic collections and community partnerships that will benefit generations to come."  


In celebration for Black History Month, we’re donating $250,000 to The Steve Fund. To date, we’ve raised over a million dollars for The Steve Fund—an organization dedicated to supporting the mental health and emotional well‐being of young people of color.​



This Black History Month Collection was titled "Vol.28": Amplifying Black Excellence. An ongoing collection named and designed by myself under the Abercrombie Kids brand. The adults brand consisted of designers Sierra Robinson & Janae Harmon. Singing off on final presentations, copy, and photoshoot direction alongside leads and The Steve Fund. 


The process consisted of developing deep dives for on going BHM initiatives in fashion as well as conceptual pitches based on cultural and inspirational visuals. A quote and art piece we loved was "they tried to bury us but the didn't know we were seeds". A mural found at our base of downtown Columbus, OH. After analyzing the data found I landed on our creative direction for the kids brand: community, amplifying black excellence and being true to who you are. Celebrating groups and the tradition of hand-me-downs felt more impactful with authenticity at it's forefront. Imagine, we all went to the same event and got a shirt that only we would recognize, creating even more community and the ability to pass it down to later generations. As a BIPOC member, I know we strive for community more than anything and we are much stronger together than separate. The saying "it takes a village to raise a child" comes to mind and places like the YMCA / any community center are some of the biggest childhood memories we all have. The design for the shirts were meant to give off the vibe of vintage yet, timeless, fully rooted in meaning and love. 

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