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Allowing a visual to be seen on the social trends happening, I was in charge of gathering all the research from the most prominent social apps. Visually compiling any resurging trends or synchronicities within in our productions.


Taking 1-3 months per season to gather all the information of each recap meant all of said findings will be late to what we will be producing. Therefore, these recaps were used to reassure our production and inspirational pitches were spot on. Posting this and sharing it to all of my team and fellow senior designers to take insight from. As well as using these during meetings to pop in any pointers on the discussion.


Pinterest was the hardest app to find relevant information from, yet the influencers are able to keep their posts organized enough to stay up tp date on the newest trends. Following this model, the best information gathered was outfitting.

Instagram was another hard find, however the ad's that pop up through out stories/reels were the best placement and experiential finds. Adding in more variety for inspiration.

TikTok was by far the easiest and quickest way to gather a lot of information trend wise, without searching for it. Scrolling through your own feed allowed for a very user friendly and intuitive recall of trends.


Using TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram I have complied a series of social media recaps based seasonal observations. Taking in only women focused content and screen-shoting the most interesting finds.


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