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This was a campaign done by 180LA ( design agency ) and the goal was to bring the printed version to life digitally. These are 15 second motion graphic ads designed for Instagram, to grab the attention of the viewer and relate to a younger audience.



To bring the previous ads to life through a digital medium that creates a visual story along with the print. 


Student Work: Commercial / Ad

Using After Effects, I created motion graphics using the inspiration of the original 180LA print designs. Taking a few liberties and creative freedom, I added  VO, sound effects, different verbiage and other elements to bring the ads to life. With the idea of capturing an audience and keeping their interest. 



I took the existing print ads and created a story for each of them with ambiance, music, sound effects, V.O and motion. The type is brought to life and made real using the same parameters in the existing color scheme and relatability in context to the product. Taking creative liberty, I decided to create the same ending for the effect of a campaign roll out. That could be used continuously through the life of Postmates.

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