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Student Work: Poster / App / Gameplay Video


The goal is to allow users to grow and get better, without intentionally tracking change. However, the AI will gradually become less noticeable with less use, allowing the user to easily transition off of using the app and vise versa.


Co'Meh Shaw  

Project Lead / Editor / App Surface Design / Presentation /AD

Elizabeth Grant

Sound Designer / Illustrator / Color Designer / Logo Designer

Joni Wirtz

UX/UI Logistics / App Developer

Louisa Schlegel

Researcher / App Tester / Consumer Strategist

This self help app, Lagom was made for reducing anxiety with the main selections being distraction, lifestyle and upcoming events. During my time at SCAD, our team created these options for the user to decide if they want to relax, be active, or talk to someone. From these sections the solutions range from exercise, make a snack, prepare for a specific event, breathing, stretches and many more. Lumi is our AI that is customizable through conversations with the user, available 24/7. She is our main learning system, offering solutions that are specialized to the user and not just the interfaces main options.


Creating an app as a team was a challenge, we had to not only agree on a useful function that people needed but the design of the app was a the most important aspect. After researching calming apps and how user interfaces for consumers are a highly rated factor, we landed on Lagom. A Scandinavian inspired self help app for anxiety driven folks. We wanted it to feel carefree, and not so medicinal in texture. Creating a primarily green and a heavily characterized place where helping anxiety is possible without triggering the user. Think of a warm hug from mom.


Our brand is based on Scandinavian design marked by a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Our voice is calm, warm, motherly, feminine, gentle & reassuring. Our name is Lagom: Swedish for just right, not too little not too much. Our mission statement: "We are dedicated to creating a distraction for people who have anxiety, providing an outlet to reground them into reality with a healthy mindset."



of anxious participants

seek out help


of anxious participants

want to be active


was the ranking of severity when anxious on a scale 10-100


18-25 year olds who have or previously experienced anxiety. Made for, people who seek out self help without feeling like they are alone in this struggle.


Our survey had 60 participates who answered numerous questions about anxiety and the causes of it, as well as how they combat it. Based on personal experiences our class had a consensus that most of them were different forms of anxiety.

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