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Senior Designer / Director / Creative Team / Planners 


Instagram Posts / Reels / Stories / Social Ads


Oh Denny's, ever strange, eye catching and funny. Everything has a purpose between, retro throwbacks, punny posts but none the less, all food! Striving for a high quality look and high quality laughs.


Denny's is a family friendly restaurant that has partnered with St. Jude to aid children in illness while keeping true to thier at the time "out there" sense of humor. Their Instagram posts were a mixture of puns, satirical history and throwbacks to their past. They want fresh, fun and unique solutions to keep their social relevancy. Being responsible for their Instagram, I used Photoshop and After Effects (for instagram reels), mixing drawing and a multitude of stock images to create the semi-realistic feel they were known for.


Young adults and families who are active on social media and enjoy following restaurants with a fun and care free attitude. Parents and young adults who like to keep up with deals/coupons and stan un-seemingly funny brands social media.


Bo'Jangles is a southern restaurant known for it's iconic sweet tea and fried chicken biscuits. Their Twitter voice is all about selling the moment, while showcasing their specials/deals in relatable content. They want to feel timeless, fun and keep their social relevancy. Being responsible for their specials/new recipes, I used Photoshop, and a multitude of stock images to create a seem-less "stock photo" effect.


30-45 year old adults who are active on social media and enjoy "throwback" restaurants filled with nostalgia. With summer in mind, Bo's sweet tea needed a refreshing moment to remind their audience during golf season to stop by and grab a drink.


I worked with the creative team of designers to develop a series of posts for LinkedIn, Facebook and other corporate services for Verzion. Using subtle shading, gradients, burning/dodging and other photoshop tools I made sure the sourced images where enhanced, yet legible for the type. 



The nostalgia towards the SkyMall novelty advertisements inspired this post. Since the resurgence of the 90's style in the ad world and the summer time call-to-action is the perfect combination of relateblility. Bringing golfers and tea drinkers alike together in celebration of Bo's.



During my internship with EP + Co. my responsibilities as a junior was creating social ad's batch posts for Verizon, Denny's & Bojangles. Below is my work, consisting of motion graphics, marketing and photoshop reworks for various social platforms, i.e Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Each brand had special guidelines to abide by while working into several batches every day for a consistent feed of content.

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