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Abercrombie Kids motto is "we see the world through kids' eyes, where play is life and every day is an opportunity to be anything and better everything."


Boys Tees & Fleece  + Girls Fleece

Sold exclusively at Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Over the course of 2.5 years working at Abercrombie & Fitch I was responsible for producing graphics on a multitude of apparel pieces as well as be lead designer for separate BHM collections also featured on their respective page. These are the accumulative packages and designs through the years in chronological order with even more designs scheduled to be released later in 2023.


I had the opportunity to work under the girls and boys team, with the responsibility of researching trends for the customer and learning about action points for each. I was the sole designer for several categories, licensing, tees and fleece. The process consists of inspirational deep dives attached below and developing into artwork for the respective season. Creating over 50 designs per seasonal drop, shown is the final product sent into production.   


The girls customer focuses on femme colorations heavily with band licensing being one of the best sellers in their market. Using retailers like Yellow the Label, Princess Polly, White Fox, Urban Outfitters, Pacsun etc. for inspiration are essential in gathering analysis and trend mapping. Research shows preppy destinations, tennis and heritage college styles were the main ideas that felt connected to her, i.e brands like Berksha, Ghanda & Brandy Melville. With feminine imagery, butterflies, florals and celestial also being major wins.

While researching through the years, I have found oversized silhouettes, and script style font within graphics were huge for the ideal 9 year old.


The A&F 9 year old takes lots of inspiration from big influencers who are always wearing the cutest and trend right fits. Think athleisure, styling inspiration, printed denim, accessorizing with bucket hats and chunky kicks. She is the quintessential Gen-Z, and will always be ahead of the curb when it comes to fashion.


After analyzing data we found that TikTok, Pinterest and Instragram where huge for keeping up with our target customer. Her demographic encompassing the biggest and the smallest subcultures of social media. We saw she had interest in Fairy- tok, wanting ditsy patterns, soft colors and village-girl styling. So we actioned on those points, making sure to show her how to outfit these ideas so mom can make the east purchase. As well as smaller trends within the Y2K awakening, the goth fairy, leather pants, scalloped tees and so much more.


The A&F boy customer focuses on street wear, with licensing being one of the big sellers in their market. Using retailers like Vans, Nike, Huff, Kith etc. for inspiration are essential in gathering analysis and trend mapping. Research shows gaming, sports and collegiate were the main ideas that felt connected to him, with imagery and National Parks also being major wins.


A 9 year old who takes lots of inspiration from his “big brother”. A kid heavily influenced by athletes, street wear and brands like The Hundreds, Pull & Bear and Stussy. All things active you can count him in, skateboarding, surfing and of course gaming. 2K, Roblox and racing games and a few classics like Mario Kart & Zelda.


Using adobe applications : Photoshop & Illustrator to create the various graphics developed into based on seasonal changes, I was responsible for multiple pieces in a set, called a package. Each item being different to avoid styles being too similar and not selling. Therefore each piece was in the same theme, but offering totally different qualities, i.e. back hits, sleeve hits, multi-hits, imagery, branding to name a few.


The process of developing a graphic for clothing starts with inspiration and need. What trend are we going for and how can we make this in the brands hand? Elements start with photo-reals, layering multiple photos together distance the brand from copyright infringement, and distressing the graphic if necessary. From hand drawn flowers, to original crests with a heritage feel or a worn collegiate graphic made to have years behind it. Each graphic was made with a meaning and a story to tell. 


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