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SVP  / Concept  / Vendors / Sourcing / Photographers  

Art Directors / Concept / Marketing BIC Merchants Designers

Managers / Legal / Licensors 


2 Fleece Tops 2 Fleece Bottoms / 4 Tees (2 Licensing)


Our main goal was to amplify black voices and speak up as the change we wish to see. Celebrating culture and being a stepping stone in the right direction for change.

Sold exclusively at Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

As February comes to a close I hope everyone remembers it's more than just a month. This collection "FOR JUSTICE, FOR GROWTH" is by no means a radical change, but a step in the right direction.

By designing a completely gender neutral collection across the kids and adults brand, I hope we allowed everyone to celebrate blackness as allies and BIPOC members. Being amongst the talented young black designers at Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is truly an honor and I can't wait to see those gorgeous faces wearing designs they can be proud of. #BlackHistoryMonth

Each word on the hoodie and t-shirt skus are inspired by prominent black figures, Dream: MLK, Play: Sirena Williams, Write: Maya Angelou, Lead: Obama, Speak: Ida B. Wells, Achieve: Shirley Chisholm, and many more black figures can be described in these words.



Although BHM has many different faces across social media and branding; one thing rang true and it was the story of black perseverance. We saw many moments for black voices to be heard, so we created a collection that will stand throughout the year as a moment in time that can always be seen and bought. Moving past the singular month we have to celebrate black history. Inclusivity wise we kept it gender neutral for every person to be able to wear the clothing. While staying size conscious we designed on oversized blocks so our offering of an XXL was much closer to a plus size 2X/20. 


This was a cross brand collaboration with the kids and adults category to create a family moment for our customer. Enabling all genders, sizing and ages to wear the capsule and celebrate their heritage or allyship. 

During the first 6 months at Abercrombie & Fitch I was responsible for producing the BHM collection graphics and pitch the ideas to senior leads. With hands on experience procuring concepts, I lead the making of "For Justice For Growth". This capsule was released on February 2022.


The process consists of inspirational deep dives and teaming up with senior designers in other A&F categories. To create a cohesive adult and kids collection for 2022, BHM. While pitching, gathering research on the kids customer and taking advice from past seasons, I was able to lead the charge in adapting a new tradition for the brand. As sole designer for the kids team, representing and advising, the final looks came through licensing and several original designs.  


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